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Suma Flamenco

Presented as part of the Arte Flamenco Miami Festival, Suma Flamenco (Flamenco Summit) joins Ballet Flamenco La Rosa, Clarita Filgueiras - Flamenco Puro, Siempre Flamenco and Special Guest Artist dancer/choreographer La Truco with dancers Jose Moro, Nella Madarro and Fran Bas, guitarist Antonio Españadero, and singer David Vasquez. Together, they bring the fiery and sublime power of flamenco dance with live music at its highest level with an explosion of passion, rhythm and dance.


Suma Flamenco mesmerizes audiences with a consummate Flamenco music and dance production exploring the depth and breadth of the art form, straight from the hearts of these superlative artists. This presentation includes a range of rhythms and styles that are dramatic, soulful, joyous, sensual and passionate all at once. With the exquisite music, exhilarating footwork and elegant grace and beauty that has made Flamenco so loved by audiences throughout the world, this authentic Flamenco production has audiences leaping to their feet in delight.

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