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BFLR's Music Program offers a curriculum designed to meet individual goals and needs.

Basic training includes sight-reading, rhythmic skills, tonal skills and general knowledge of the instrument. Training for Piano, Guitar, Vocals and Drumming is available in private, semi-private and small group classes.

Music theory and technique for each instrument, combined with performance skills and composition are all introduced at the appropriate level for each student.

Students may study various styles, including Classical, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Folk Country, Pop and Flamenco. Drumming is taught both on its own and as accompaniment for dance classes, as is Flamenco Guitar. There are also classes in song writing and opportunities to join the Children or Teens and Adults Chorus. Ensembles for all instruments are formed by the students who are interested in exploring these opportunities.

BFLR's classes are taught by a highly qualified staff of professional musicians and teachers who are dedicated to the mission of developing future musicians and music audiences by providing a supportive and inspiring atmosphere in which all students may explore their full potential and creativity.

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