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Señorita Julia

Ballet Flamenco La Rosa premiered Señorita Julia (Miss Julie) on January 31 – February 2, 2014 at the Koubek Center. An original flamenco ballet inspired by August Strindberg’s famous play, Miss Julie, the production featured stellar guest artists from Spain, accompanied by the dancers and musicians of Ballet Flamenco La Rosa, directed by Ilisa Rosal.

Señorita Julia is a realistic tragedy from 1888 that explores love, lust, social class and the battle of the sexes. Dancer and choreographer Ilisa Rosal brought together dancers Nella Madarro and Eloy Aguilar, accompanied by singer Nieves Diaz and guitarist Manuel Montero from Spain, along with Harmonic Motion Middle Eastern Music and Dance Ensemble joining twelve Ballet Flamenco La Rosa company dancers for this masterpiece. This utterly moving human drama rings deeply in the soul and carries audiences away with its rich artistry, in a glorious unfolding of a timeless story of struggle, pain and revelation, plunging us into an elemental and soul stirring human experience.

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