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Las Mujeres de Troya

Las Mujeres de Troya (The Trojan Women) is an original Flamenco Ballet based on the Euripides tragedy The Trojan Women. A perfect vehicle for the depth, beauty, elegance, power and passion of flamenco, this classic theme is interpreted by actors, dancers, and musicians with the collaboration of Harmonic Motion Middle Eastern Dance Company.

The work features 25 performers, including international flamenco soloists Edo and Paco del Puerto, along with Carbonell Award winning actress Judith Townsend as Hecuba. Stage direction and set design is by John Briggs of the Florida Shakespeare Festival and Osolo Theater of Sarasota.


This classic tragedy is as meaningful today as it was in ancient Greece, and it is considered to be one of the earliest “anti-war” plays, an artistic portrayal, strikingly innovative for its time, of the aftermath of the Trojan War and the barbaric behavior of Euripides’ own countrymen towards the women and children of the people they subjugated in war. The women of Troy shoulder their burdens with nobility and decency with Flamenco as a language for their story.


The main characters each have a spectacular entrance into the play and a profound story to tell. They include Hecuba, the tragic old queen, Cassandra, the young holy virgin and seer, Andromache, the noble and proud princess, and Helen, the beauty that launched a thousand ships, as well as the chorus representing the ordinary women of Troy. Each reacts in her own way to the tragic circumstances, with all of the power and beauty that the art of Flamenco provides to express this timeless and universal message.

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