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La Soledad

La Soledad is an original Flamenco piece that was inspired by the Flamenco songs of La Cana, Seguiriyas, Martinete and Bulerias.

La Cana, said to be the mother of all Flamenco songs, is known for its wailing lament that is one of the best examples of Flamenco’s middle eastern roots. This piece opens with La Cana, with the central female figure dancing alone, waiting for her lover with longing. He enters, and they dance together in a passionate duet after which he suddenly leaves her. She is filled with anguish and is comforted by two of her friends who dance with her, sharing her pain until the rest of the group, including her lover, joins them. Here, there is a sharp turn of events in which the whole village joins with the lover and the woman is left alone. The dancers use their upper bodies, arms, hips, shoulders and facial expressions to express the lyrical qualities and emotions while their footwork sparkles and pounds the rhythms with a pulse that acts as a canvas for all of the rest of the movement and sound.

With choreography by company Artistic Director Ilisa Rosal as well as her mentor, Manolete, this has become a signature piece for the company and remains an audience favorite.

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