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Juerga Kaware

A World Premiere collaboration between Ballet Flamenco La Rosa and Ayabonmbe Afro Haitian Dance and Music Ensemble explores the relationship between these two art forms, creating a new work that stretches the limits of each, finding similarities and bridging the differences.

The African roots of Afro-Haitian Dance, and the African influence in Flamenco are a spring-board for new connections and contemporary interpretations. The affirmation and pride in the face of adversity that are at the core of both of these styles makes a powerful connection. This project toured five Miami-Dade County Schools in an outreach program designed by Ballet Flamenco La Rosa in the form of a Lecture/Demonstration with audience participation, to teach children the value of all cultures and inspire them to relate in a positive way to the multicultural society we live in.


With live Flamenco guitar and vocals, as well as live Afro-Haitian drumming, this work has a strong appeal for audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

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