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Guaguancó Gitano

This World Premiere collaboration between Ballet Flamenco La Rosa and Iroko Afro Cuban Dance Theater explores the roots that Flamenco and Afro Cuban Dance have in common to create a fascinating and powerful theater experience that appeals to wide audiences.

When the Spaniards brought slaves from Africa to Cuba, they brought their traditions with them.

These traditions developed with other influences of the region into a new art form that retains many of its authentic African qualities, while incorporating other aspects of Cuban culture.


Guaguanco Gitano includes a ceremony of the Afro Cuban religion known as “Santería”, a result of the combining of African, Spanish and Cuban cultures. Followers of this religion pay homage to the “Orishas”, African deities of the Yoruba culture, one of the largest and most influential of those brought by the slaves to Cuba.


Guaguanco Gitano also features Rumba and Son, two of the most genuine examples of Afro Cuban music, representing the essence of Cuba’s cultural fusion, born of Africa and Spain, and Yambú, one of the oldest Rumbas from colonial times. The Flamenco Rumba originated when sailors from Spain heard the Cuban Rumba and incorporated its feeling into new Flamenco rhythms. In this piece, the two companies combine various elements of Cuban and Flamenco Rumbas, as well as many other beautiful melodies and lyrics interpreted in Afro Cuban and Flamenco styles.

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