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Fiesta Flamenca

Fiesta Flamenca is a traditional Flamenco celebration where dancers and musicians are seated in a semi-circle to perform and improvise upon a myriad of “palos” or Flamenco rhythms. The guitarists and singers accompany the dancers, who take turns getting up to dance their favorite palos. All of the artists encourage each other with “palmas”, handclapping and “jaleos”, shouts of encouragement such as “Ole!”. Alegrias, Fandangos, Sevillanas, Soleares, Tangos, Tientos, Tarantos, Seguiriyas, Martinete and Bulerias are some of the most popular Flamenco dances that may be included. Guajiras and Colombianas, which are part of the “Cantes de Ida y Vuelta”, or songs of going and coming, are often featured as well. These are Flamenco “palos” that were inspired by influences of Cuba and Colombia. The spirit and beauty of traditional Flamenco comes alive in this splendid festivity that keeps audiences coming back again and again.

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