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Encuentro II

Encuentro II is an original Flamenco ballet based on an a love story, written by Ilisa Rosal, between a Middle Eastern woman (Myriam Eli) and a gypsy Flamenco man (Manolete). The ballet features a cast of 18 artists including Manolete, Spanish Gypsy Flamenco Star, with two of his musicians, singer Joni Cortes, and guitarist Basilio Garcia, La Morita, Myriam Eli, Dancer/Co-Director of Harmonic Motion Middle Eastern Ensemble Joe Zeytoonian, Musician/Musical Director of Harmonic Motion Middle Eastern Ensemble, Ilisa Rosal, Dancer/Artistic Director of Ballet Flamenco La Rosa and Encuentro, along with Ballet Flamenco La Rosa and Harmonic Motion company dancers and musicians.


This original tale is a kind of Romeo and Juliet story with a happy ending, as the two families first clash over this forbidden love, and then become reconciled by a strange turn of fate. The couple is then allowed to marry, allowing for Act II to become a wedding celebration with a splendid array of pure dance and music from each culture.


Manolete brings the entire production to a consummate level of artistry with a supporting cast that elevates both of these art forms to a sublime level.

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