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El Padre

Ballet Flamenco La Rosa premiered El Padre (The Father), inspired by Strindberg’s The Father at Miami-Dade County Auditorium on May 23-24, 2015 with artists from Spain, Sweden and the U.S.

The role of the father, a captain of the Cavalry, was danced by Eloy Aguilar. International Flamenco star Carmela Greco was featured in the role of Laura, his wife. Bertha, their daughter was danced by Josefine Chiachiero, a Flamenco dancer from the playwright's native country of Sweden.


In this realistic Nineteenth Century tragedy, Ballet Flamenco La Rosa uses Flamenco as a language to bring the story, characters and relationships of a great play to life in a new way. The music plays an integral role in the creation and live performance of the piece. The guitarist and singer collaborated with the dancers and choreographers and created original music and lyrics for this dramatic ballet, which tells the story of a father manipulated by his wife who wants control over their daughter and their fortune. El Padre explores the complex and intense relationships between the three central characters of this play: the father, the mother and the daughter, along with the nurse, the doctor and the priest that the mother enlists to support her plot to have her husband committed to an insane asylum. The six dancers and two musicians achieve the extraordinary task of bringing Strindberg to flamenco, creating a breathtaking theater experience and a tribute to his genius.

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