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Dance Reach

Ballet Flamenco La Rosa offers a range of programs to students, from full professional performances with live music, to Lecture/Demonstrations, Classes and Workshops. In our Lecture/Demonstrations, we introduce students to the History, Techniques, and range of Expression of the art of Flamenco. Programs cover the basic structure of Flamenco, where students learn to clap the various rhythms and participate with the singing and dancing. They experience the exciting interchange between singer, dancer and guitarist that is at the core of this art. We explain that the roots of Flamenco are in Medieval Southern Spain where a multi-cultural society gave birth to one of the most powerful and enduring of art forms.

The coexistence and interchange between Europeans, Africans, Gypsies, Moors and Jews created a fusion of universal appeal that has fascinated and inspired writers, painters, dancers, and musicians for centuries. We show students how dance and music express the full range of human emotions and experience, and can be used to enhance and enrich their lives, as well as give them tools to deal with anger and conflict. Flamenco was actually a form of protest and an outlet for the frustration, anger and pain of persecuted people under the oppression of Catholic Spain. It is also music and dance of celebration, joy, ritual, and tradition. Through our education programs, students learn to respect all cultures as well as their own individual potential. Study Guides are available before and after presentations.
The Company has received great critical and popular acclaim nationally for the high quality, passion, excitement and technical virtuosity of its work, and brings its artistry to its diverse educational programs.

Ballet Flamenco La Rosa offers its Dance Reach program to all types of venues, for students of all ages. We are available for Lecture/Demonstrations, Residencies, Workshops and Classes, with a wide range of fee structures based on the number of artists.

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