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Paco Fonta

Paco Fonta is from Torre Perojil, in Jaen Spain. Singing and playing from earliest childhood in Penas (Flamenco societies for aficionados), he grew up in the tradition of pure Flamenco style. At nineteen, he began formal study and pursued a professional career. He began performing in tablaos (flamenco clubs) in Madrid, accompanying Spanish Ballets, and playing for festivals and contests of singing.


Mr. Fonta met Ballet Flamenco Director Ilisa Rosal in Madrid in the early 1980’s and they worked together at tablaos and festivals for several years. When Ms. Rosal founded Ballet Flamenco La Rosa in 1985, Paco Fonta was under contract to a local flamenco club, and he joined the company. They have worked together ever since on the many interesting projects the company has produced and created a great following for the high quality and pure excitement and beauty of their work.  Mr. Fonta is a rare talent in that he has mastery of both the guitar and singing, and travels nationally & internationally with his own flamenco group, as well as many companies and schools throughout the U.S.

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