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María Mercedes Pérez

María Mercedes Pérez was born in Cuba. She had a great affinity for flamenco from a very early age, and started dancing at the age of 3. At the age of 12, she traveled to Colombia with a production of Carmen.

Ms. Pérez has been a member of the premier flamenco companies in Cuba, including Spanish Ballet of Cuba, ECOS and Flamenco Havana. She has also worked with such great artists as La Truco and La Farruca, and has taken courses with Rocío Molina, Eva Yerbabuena and María Juncal.

Ms. Pérez has toured Japan, China, Australia, México, England, Canada and the United States. She now resides in Miami as a respected instructor and artist, appearing in many flamenco productions as guest artist, including as soloist with Ballet Flamenco La Rosa.

“Every day I give my body and soul to this wonderful art that is flamenco. That’s a great joy!” says María Mercedes Pérez.

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