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Nieves Hidalgo

Nieves Hidalgo was born in Madrid, into a Sevillan family from the town of Osuna. She demonstrated an interest in music at an early age, starting her artistic career in Copla with the masters Mariano Cabanillas and Sergio Raul, winning her first prize in the National Intercontinental Radio contest “Tu Puedes Ser Artista " at the age of 16. She has performed throughout Spain and has regularly worked in the Madrid’s mythic Pasapoga Music Hall. She soon began to focus on flamenco singing for dancers. She frequently performs for Madrid clubs such as Arco de Cuchilleros, Café de Chinitas, El Corral de la Morería, Casa Patas and the historic Villarrosa.

In 1998 Ms. Hidalgo toured with the dance company Iberica De Danza, with “Subiendo al Sur”, in India, Bali, Kuala Lumpur and Thailand. In the same year she participated in “Otoño Flamenco de Fuenlabrada” with Rancapino and Gabriel Moreno and performed on various television programs such as “Puerta a la Fama” and “Algo Más que Flamenco”. She performed in “Lorca, Gitano y Torero” in Fuentevaqueros and anfiteatro Egaleo, Leganés.

From 1999 to 2001 Ms. Hidalgo performed at Carmen Hall Theatre in Parque España, Japan and was a guest artist in the gala of the XLI Festival of Cante de las Minas in the Auditorium of Federico García Lorca in Getafe. In 2002 she was accompanied by famous pianist Manolo Carrasco in the Teatro Alcázar de Madrid and in the Bienal de Sevilla with the Flamenco-Ecuestre show “Aires del Sur”.

In 2003 Ms. Hidalgo performed with the dance company Suite Flamenca in the obra “Garnata” in the Teatro Madrid, the Auditorio de Granada and the International Festival Cervantino of Mexico, with the company of Joaquin Ruiz in “Mar de Tierras” and “Flamencos Mediterráneos” and with the company of La Truco with the obra "Pureza" in Yakarta, together with Talegón de Córdoba. In 2004 Ms. Hidalgo performed in an Arabic flamenco fusion with the dancer Joaquin Ruiz and in the obra "Fastos" and "Alkazar.” She helped form a Swiss dance company, Flamencos en Route, with the Work “Caprichos Flamencos” and "Pies en la Tierra" along with Jose Porcel in the Teatro Principal of the Generalitat Valenciana. She also performed with La Truco in the obra “El Paso del Tiempo.” In 2005, Ms. Hidalgo performed in "Hautnah" with Flamencos en Route. She participated in the Festival Flamenco de Berlin and in Los Veranos de la Villa with Joaquín Ruiz. She performed in the obra de Silvia Marin “Gesto y Compás” and on the global music festival “Gipsy Festival.” She also created her own work, “A Cuerda y Compas,” where she combined the sounds of flamenco guitar, cello, the bouzuki and the double bass together in a work performed at the Caja Madrid. She was invited to the XXV Aniversario del Concurso Nacional de Guitarra de L´Hospitalet. In 2006 she became the first flamenco singer to act in the Mariinsky Theatre (Antiguo Kirov) together with first dancer Faruk Ruzimatov in St. Petersburg. She collaborated with the company Noche Flamenca in the Theatre 80 of New York. She guest starred in the television series “The Comisario” and performed in the International Festival of Guitar-France with EOS Guitar Quartet. She also performed in the Teatro Español de Madrid with the obra "Magerit" by Joaquín Ruiz and in “Mujeres De Sangre y Aire” with the company Armarteatro. She collaborated with the group Azeri. In 2007, she sang the role of Carmen Linares in "Magic Circle" together with the EOS Guitar Quartet in concerts in Istambul, Viersen and Duseldorf and performed in "Resonancias" with the Swiss dance company Flamencos en Route. In 2008, Ms. Hidalgo collaborated with Flamencos en Route in "A Solas y a Dos" and "Mírame" and did a season of BBK of Flamenco with María del Lunar in Bilbao. In 2009 Ms. Hidalgo participated in the productions "Caleidoscopio," "Floresencia" and "A Flor de Piel" with Flamencos en Route for the Swiss President Doris Leuthard, and in 2010, “Flamenco X Tres” in the Teatro Madrid with the choreographers Renato Zenalla, Angel Rodríguez and Ricardo Castro.

She recently performed in and co-wrote the lyrics for the Ballet Flamenco La Rosa production of Señorita Julia at the Koubek Theatre in Miami.

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