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Nella Madarro

Nella Madarro is a prominent flamenco dancer, teacher, and choreographer. She completed her studies of Spanish Dance at the Royal Conservatory of Dance in Madrid in 1995. She was trained in classical dance, folklore, and Flamenco, as well as in other areas of dance and teaching methodology.

Ms. Madarro has had a distinguished international career as a dancer , teacher and choreographer participating in major works such as "La Vida Breve," "Walk with Federico," "De Sol” and Lua,"Remembranzas," "Directo al Corazón," "Suma Flamenco," "Five Props,"“Zorongo,” “Martinet and Bulerías," "Vida," and many others.

Ms. Madarro is best known for her grace, passion and emotion in the art of flamenco, captivating audiences at the most renowned flamenco clubs in Spain and throughout the world, at venues such as the Corral de la Pacheca, Casa Patas, Seville, Corral de la Moreria and the Spaniart.

 In 2014, she danced the lead role in “Señorita Julia” (Miss Julie) at the Koubek Center in Miami, for the premiere of Ballet Flamenco La Rosa’s cutting edge new Flamenco Ballet.

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