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Mayelú Pérez

Mayelu Perez began studying Spanish dance at several Spanish cultural societies in Havana, Cuba, and performed in many of their cultural events. She graduated with certification by the Cuban Ministry of Culture in 1998. Her professional training includes “Ballet Liz Alfonso”, “Danzas Ibericas” company of the Centro Pro-Danza de Cuba, “Ballet Español de la Habana” (led by Eduardo Veitia) under the Cuban National Ballet (led by Alicia Alonso), “Aires” Spanish Dances Company (led by Paz Diaz Lemus), and a 4 year Flamenco course in Seville, Spain with Manolo Marin’s dance company. Ms. Perez has studied various dance techniques such as Classical Ballet, Spanish Classical Dance, Bolera dance technique, Flamenco dance, theatre and Spanish regional folklore, under such important artists Amparo Brito, Laura Alonso, Paz Diaz, Manolo Marin, Pilar Ortega, Manuel Betanzo, Javier Baron and Ana Casas. She is an experienced Spanish Dance teacher, having taught at several schools for professional dancers and dance companies, and she has given several dance workshops throughout the U.S. She has toured with The Boston Flamenco Ballet and appeared for ten seasons with Ballet Flamenco La Rosa.

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