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Jorge Robledo

Jorge Robledo was born in Argentina and began his training in Flamenco and Classical Spanish dance with Jorge Luis and Conchita Espana. He studied Ballet with Carmelo Scaramuzzino, Contemporary Dance with Malvina Straga and Theater with Jorge Mazzini. Mr. Robledo furthered his training with Norma Buontempo and Jose Zartman, and then went on to study with such famous Flamenco artists as La China, Antonio Ortega, Manuel Betanzos, Antonio Canales, Juana Amaya, Belen Maya, Jose Barrios, El Torombo and Domingo Ortega.


Mr. Robledo has taught at Escuela Norma Bontempo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in Miami, Florida at Escuela de Flamenco de Pepe Bronce, Roxy Performing Arts, Dance Town, Valdamir Issaev School of Ballet and The Dream Dance Studio.

Jorge Robledo choreographed and performed with major Flamenco artists and in many important venues, including Gitanos at Teatro Lola Membrives in Buenos Aires in collaboration with Antonio Canales, Carmen at Teatro del Globo in Buenos Aires, Yerma at Teatro Cervantes in Buenos Aires, a concert with Rocio Jurado at Teatro Avenida in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a concert with Isabel Pantoja and with Ballet Flamenco La Rosa in Las Brujas de Salem, Cleopatra and Caesar and several Pure Flamenco concerts in Miami and Flamenco in the Sun with Bailes Ferrer.

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