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Jesus Rodríguez El Sivi

Jesus Rodriguez, “El Sivi” was born in Malaga, Spain. Mr. Rodríguez loved Flamenco music and spent his childhood going to the many Flamenco Festivals in Andalucia. His family was part of the Flamenco Culture. He began to play guitar at the age of twelve with Pedro Blanco, teacher of the famous “Tomatito”. After mastering the technique of accompanying Flamenco singing, he accompanied his father, also known as “El Sivi”, a Flamenco singer, in Festivals and Flamenco Contests of Cadiz, Sevilla and throughout Spain, as well as on local television.

In 1999, “Sivi” traveled to Japan to perform in a tablao where he met Almudena, a Flamenco singer from Guadalajara, Spain. They traveled together throughout England, Spain, and in the U.S., in San Francisco and with Ballet Flamenco La Rosa in Miami. They were married in Guadalajara, Spain, in 2005 and continue to tour together with various companies internationally.

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