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Derly Ramirez

Derly Ramirez holds a professional degree in Arts, with a specialization in scenic arts from the Central University of Venezuela. She began her dance studies at the age of five in Classical Ballet, Flamenco, Jazz and Contemporary Dance, under several master teachers in Venezuela.

In 1997 she began a professional career as Flamenco dancer. Her performing experience includes many professional companies in Venezuela, including the Siudy Dance Company, with whom she performed beginning in 2000 and toured in the U. S., Panama, Aruba and México.

She studied with Spanish Masters such as Javier Latorre, Rafael Campallo, Belén Maya, José Moro, La Truco, María Juncal, Concha Jareño, Antonio Canales and Marcos Jiménez.

Her interest in the research of other artistic disciplines such as Theatre and Modern Dance has transformed her into an integrated artist, giving her expanded knowledge and a unique style. She teaches and performs with many groups and as a solo artist and choreographer in the U. S. and Venezuela.

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