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Celia Fonta

Flamenco dancer Celia Fonta is a native of Chicago, where she first studied Flamenco Guitar before beginning her career in dance.  She began her studies of Flamenco--Spanish Classical and Folkloric Dance--in Madrid, with world famous teachers Ciro, La Tati, Paco Romero and Azorin.  She then focused her studies on the art of pure Flamenco with other great masters such as Merle Esmeralda, El Guito, Antonio Canales and Carmela Greco.  Most recently, she studied in Jerez dela Frontera with Manuela Carpio and Maria Bermudez, focusing on the Jerez style.


Celia began her professional career along with her husband Paco Fonta, internationally renowned Flamenco singer and guitarist.  Together they toured the United States with the Flamenco Theatre of Madrid.  Later, Ms. Fonta toured Europe with Ballet Espanol Edo Sie, Azucena Vega and the Swiss National Circus.  In 1986 Celia and Paco came to Miami to work at the famous Cacharrito’s Place, and since have made Miami their home.  Ms. Fonta has worked at all the most important Tablaos in Miami as a featured dancer.  She works with La Rosa Flamenco Theatre in Miami as a principal dancer and soloist, as well as with Bailes Ferrer as a featured soloist. 


Celia Fonta has been guest artist and teacher in Flamenco workshops and concerts all over Florida and the United States.  Most recently, Ms. Fonta engaged in a two-week residency with Northeastern Illinois University and was a guest artist with Ensemble Espanol’s 25th Anniversary Gala in Chicago.  She was invited to perform at the 2001 Florida Folk Festival and was selected to be a participant of the 2000-2001 Florida Folk Life Apprenticeship Program as Master Artist.  Ms. Fonta received an Individual Artist Fellowship Award from the State of Florida for the 2001-2002 year.

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