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Cleopatra y César

Ballet Flamenco La Rosa premiered Cleopatra y Cesar (Cleopatra and Caesar) in 2011 at The Colony Theatre. George Bernard Shaw’s classic play is taken into a new realm of expression in this Flamenco dance/drama with dynamic guest artists Leonor Leal  from Sevilla, as Cleopatra, Gabriel Arango as Cesar, Jorge Robledo as Marco Antonio, Niurca Marquez as Ftatateeta and Jose Junco as Potiano, who give body and soul to the choreographer’s vision.

The music, composed and played by Special Guest Artist Guitarist Jose Luis Rodriguez and Guitarist/Singer Paco Fonta in collaboration with Joe Zeytoonian and Myriam Eli of Harmonic Motion Middle Eastern Dance and Music Ensemble, provides the musical cadence for this gorgeous work.  The combination of Flamenco with Egyptian and other Middle Eastern music and dance styles is extraordinarily effective in telling this story. The exceptional beauty of the music and choreography, coupled with the virtuosity of the musicians and dancers, makes for an utterly captivating theatre experience, flooding the senses with exquisite, ancient and ageless images and feeling.

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