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CDG 2018-2019
Demographics for Arts-in-Education / Public Outreach Collaborations and Programs

Ballet Flamenco La Rosa’s studios are located in North Miami, serving that municipality and the surrounding communities of North Miami Beach, Miami Beach, Surfside, Sunny Isles, North Miami, Aventura, Biscayne Park and Miami Shores, as well as people traveling from all over South Florida and beyond, for our programs. There is a real need for high quality performing arts programming in our community. This profile of the population we serve includes North Miami, Pinecrest, Miami-Dade County and Florida. Performances will take place at the Colony Theatre on Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach which is accessible to residents and visitors.


City: Pinecrest
Total Population: 18,223

Race: W- 50.4, B- 2.0,A- 5.3,H- 41.3

Income: Income Per Capita- 62,536

Median Age: 40

City: Little Haiti

Total Population: 33,229

Race: W- 6, B- 75,A- 0.1,H- 15

Income: Income Per Capita- 21,646

Median Age: 37.7


City: Miami Beach

Total Population: 91,917

Race: W- 40.5, B- 4.4,A- 1.9,H- 53.0

Income: Income Per Capita- 43,243

Median Age: 42


City: North Miami

Total Population: 59,880

Race: W-36.7, B-58.1,A-2.6,H-21.6

Income: Income Per Capita- 14,581

Median Age: 31.8


County: Miami-Dade

Total Population: 2,345,932

Race: W-71.9, B-21.5,A-2.1, H- 58.8

Income: Income Per Capita- 24,925

Median Age: 36.9


State: Florida

Total Population: 17,312,570

Race: W-79.1, B-14.6,A-2.1, H- 16.8

Income: Income Per Capita- 21,557

Median Age: 38.7

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