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Arte y Compás

Arte y Compas brings another opportunity to see pure Flamenco at its best.

The introspective and deep Soleares and the aching Tarantos, give way to sensual and intense Tangos and lively and charming Alegrias, Guajiras and Bulerias for a well-rounded presentation sure to captivate audiences with the rich and beautiful music and the elegance, power and grace of the dancers.  Flamenco’s strict and complex rhythmic structures provide the foundation for infinite interpretations and improvisations on the lush themes of the music and singing. The company draws from the great legacy of Flamenco to find new inspiration and creativity.

In this art form where each dancer is a choreographer and each musician is a composer, every performance is fresh and alive with a resonant energy, that sweeps audiences away on a magnificent journey.

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